Huh?  Check this out.  What you will see is a blog post, penned by an Endocrinologist, arguing that Mainstream Medicine needs to do a better job in dealing with Alternative Medicine. Translated, this means that when a mainstream physician writes an article or otherwise communicates to patients, simply sharing correct information is not enough. Rather, especially in treatment areas like hypothyroidism, MD’s need to put down the myths that AM practitioners are spreading, one of the most dangerous of which is that MM’s don’t know anything about the treatment area. Importantly, in the era of the Internet and social media, AM’s are outshouting MM’s, having mastered concepts like key word optimization. This blogging physician notes that it is the unusual patient who will consult more than five matches from a Google search. AND. If those first five matches are penned by AM’s, which they often are, myths will heavily outweigh truth in the patient’s mind.

Bottom Line. We have talked about this before. Patients are gullible, and readily fall for some of the quick fixes and false hopes that AM’s hold out in the electronic media. I think this blogger is right. Somebody, certainly including the MM’s, has to take a more aggressive posture against such nonsense!  

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