Millenial MD’S

Check this out. What you will see is what happens to the mindset of a millennial MD as he makes his way through the palliative care rotation.  He learns a lot. For once, there is no rush to diagnose and cure. There is no cure. For once, it is the patient’s story, and the family’s story, that is more important than the doctor’s agenda and time constraints. “What are your wishes?” suddenly becomes a key question in the doctor’s armamentarium.

We are only starting to get a handle on Mindset Marketing ResearchSM, and physician blog posts like this are extremely important in helping us do so. One of the ways we are starting to look at Physician MindsetSM is as a structure made up of many building blocks, each one of which in turn can be thought of as the results of key experiences in the doctor’s past combined with cultural, personal and other factors in the doctor’s present. We call the aggregation of these factors the Mindset MakeupSM. Clearly this palliative care rotation was an important building block for this doctor’s mindset.

Bottom Line. The title of this physician’s blog got me to thinking. How are the Mindsets of millennial physicians different from their X’er predecessors? 

Think Gen is going to be figuring out the answer to that question, as well as what to do with the answer, over the course of 2018!

 Watch for it.


  • Richard, have you ever read the book “How Physicians Think” by Jerome Groopman? You may find it interesting. I read it awhile ago but I seem to recall (or maybe it was in his book “Your Medical Mind”) him telling how different formative events in his life (he’s an internist) and his wife’s (endocrinologist) led to their different approaches to medical practice. I look forward to seeing how the Mindset Makeup idea develops.

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