Medicine Through The Eyes Of A Resident: “Less Room For Error”

Check this out. When you read the strange title above, you probably thought that in 2019, there is less room for resident physicians to make medical errors than there used to be, what with being employees, having government computers watching them, malpractice suits looming, etc.

Nope. That is not the point of this post. Rather, this young physician is keenly aware that the economics of being a doctor have changed rather substantially in recent years, and not in a positive direction. Medical school costs and loans have increased substantially, residency programs take longer and  eventual compensation is lower. Interestingly, the blogger poses the question as to whether it is still worth it to go to medical school. His answer is still yes, but . . . 

Bottom Line. . . . there is less room for error in a physician’s planning of the finances of his life. Used to be doctors could blow a lot of money, and still be fine. Now physicians who want to remain financially solvent have to be much more attentive to their investments, expenses, etc. And there are often no do overs.  

One more source of physician stress and burnout?


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