Maybe! Or Maybe Not!!!

Check this out.   I admit it. I have probably already done too many articles and posts on physician burnout. And yeah, this is another one. But this one is different. It starts out sharing many of the same numbers and “stuff” you have seen here before. Over 50% of doctors suffer from burnout, etc., etc. BUT. This article then takes a fascinating twist. It posits that one of the primary causes of physician burnout is the time required for doctors to “match” EHR data with the correct patient. It’s not their school loans, or reduced salaries, or huge patient loads that is getting them down. Nope. It’s matching.

AND. What a surprise. This piece goes on to offer a system, RightPatient, that will take care of this matching automatically.  

Bottom Line. SO. Is EHR matching a significant cause of physician burnout? Can eliminating the need for this manual matching significantly reduce the incidence and prevalence of physician burnout? Can it be that easy?

Maybe! Or Maybe Not!!!

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