Marketing To The Moment

Check this out.  Read the free introduction “inside.” It gives you most of the important points of this book. BUT. If you get intrigued, do what I did. Download the whole book to your Kindle. Trust me. It is a quick read.  

What will you find? An example. The author opens the book describing how he is a methodical, list the “pros and cons” for every decision kind of guy. When he and his wife found out that they were pregnant, they began an extremely methodical search for the appropriate daycare center for their soon-to-be born child. No final decision was made, and along came the baby. Prematurely. 

Immediately following delivery, a very spent mother ordered her exhausted husband to go home and take a nap. Out of the hospital he goes. On the way home, he spots one of the seven daycare centers that had been on their short list. Carpe Diem by name. (I couldn’t make that up!)

In he walks and signs his new son up on the spot. The end of the “decision making process” wasn’t really a decision at all. It was a reaction that felt right given the circumstances.

The author’s point is a simple and profound one. Most of the time we are “deciding,” we really aren’t thinking. We have heard this one before. It is the key thought of Behavioral Economics. It is the underpinning of Behavioral Marketing and Neuromarketing. And yes, it is a driving force behind ThinkGen’s Habit EngineeringSM.  

But this book focuses in more clearly, as the title would suggest, on the mindstate of the customer. The context. Where is he? Who is he with? What is his physical and emotional situation?

Bottom Line. Like Merry Christmas, “although it’s been said many times, many ways,” remember that most of what we do every is not the result of conscious thought. We make 35,000 “decisions” a day, so we can’t be doing all of that very rationally. 

A lot of consumer marketers have figured this out.  

Why haven’t most pharmaceutical marketers?

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