Marketing To “Caregivers”

This piece is lengthy, but worth it. Check it out.  What you will see is an article that deals thoughtfully with the issue of how to market pharmaceutical products to “caregivers.” First, the marketer needs to recognize the importance of determining the medical conditions for which caregiver marketing is relevant to engendering treatment selection and adherence encouragement.  

Next, it is essential to recognize that, contrary to popular belief, a message designed for patients might well not be ideal for reaching caregivers. Good caregiver marketing programs, the article explains, provide the kind of informational and emotional “support” that caregivers need in specific situations.

Three case studies are provided that walk the reader through these various steps.

Bottom Line. For many medical conditions and for many drugs, a marketing campaign that leaves out carefully developed caregiver support communications is leaving out a major piece of the puzzle.  

Think about it!

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