Dissatisfaction With A Satisfaction Questionnaire

Check this out.  Play the video. What you will hear is the story of customer satisfaction research gone horribly wrong. More specifically, you will hear Bob Lederer’s dismay when he responds to a customer satisfaction questionnaire with an appropriate panning of a car company that knowingly had a software glitch that was ruining engines in their own cars. Bob’s car was a victim of the glitch, and he was going to be without his car for 30 days while the dealer got a new engine block and made the repair.

Here’s the ketch. Since Bob reported on a survey that he was understandably DISsatisfied with the results of the service visit at which he got this bad news, the service manager that had previously been so helpful to him ironically wound up being denied her monthly bonus because she, rather than the car company, was perceived by the customer satisfaction researchers as the cause of Bob’s dissatisfaction. Result? She lost her monthly bonus. And was royally ticked off at Mr. Lederer!

Bottom Line. And here is the real kicker. Lederer declares at the end of the piece that as the result of this unfortunate experience, he will now feign satisfaction on subsequent surveys rather than get somebody in trouble. In a world in which I have regularly had sales and service people, knowing that I would be surveyed about their performance, ask me to make sure I give them top ratings, I think there is only one logical outcome of all of this. More specifically:

Stop this foolishness! As I reported in a previous post, it has been demonstrated that satisfaction scores don’t correlate with anything meaningful anyway.  

So, let’s just stop annoying customers with this goofy research!!!

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