Make Lemonade! Or Maybe Even Lemoncello!!!

Check this out. You know the old expression. If life gives you lemons…

Watch the short video and you might join me in an ah-hah experience related to this old chestnut. Along comes the pandemic, and most U.S. restaurants immediately sink into deep trouble. Many don’t survive. The latest recovery package from the Feds earmarked over $22 Billion (Yes, with a B) to help restaurants to get back on their feet. Simply weathering the storm was a stretch objective. 

BUT. Denny’s had a different idea. They decided to make a profit from COVID-19. Not by taking advantage of people during these tough times, but by making creative use of public health measures, delivering food, etc., and reestablishing their brand’s positioning as America’s Diner. Smart move.

Bottom Line. As I continue to roll out my monthly On Doctors’ MindsSM conversations with physicians about their pandemic experiences, I keep encountering a missed opportunity for the nation’s pharmaceutical companies. Physicians were thrown into a tizzy in March and April of 2020. Their patient loads suddenly dropped to zero, they had to hasten into telemedicine, they were concerned for their own health AND they no longer had their good buddies, the Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives, to lean on. Doctor after doctor has told me how “disorganized” our industry has looked to them during the pandemic.  

What a great opportunity for a drug company to step forward and say, “We’re here for you, Doc!” Develop a strategy and tactics that delivers on this promise during the pandemic and you have a friend for life!

Or, you could just do what most drug companies did. Sit back and wait for all of this to be over and soon we can go back to the way things used to be. 


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