Love During the Time of Covid-19

Take a long look at the photo, above. Two doctors. He a Urologist, she a Family Physician educator. And they are married. To each other.

Now check this out. Here you will see the story of them trying to maintain their marriage during the pandemic. It has never been easy. He is completing his residency in NYC. She teaches at a medical school in Miami. Many flights up and down the East Coast each month have worked. Until now. Flying is not too smart, and the stress level at both ends has been ratcheted up significantly.  

To emphasize the feeling of loneliness, she describes Match-Day 2020. What is usually a time of hugging and jubilation was literally transformed into a drive by. Students lined up in their cars, driving up to the Dean one by one and receiving the news as to what residency they were bound for through the car window. At the end of a 10’ pole!!!

Bottom Line. Ponder for a minute the impact all of this is going to have, after Lord knows how many months of “Social Distancing,” on relationships.  

All kinds of relationships!

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