Loneliness Hurts The Most

What is the worst thing that the pandemic has done to us? Killing 500,000 Americans? Not good!  Screwing up major pieces of the U.S .economy? Also, not good!

BUT. Perhaps the worst thing that COVID has done to us is to increase loneliness, and even more pervasively, the fear of being alone.

Check this out. What you will see is the story of a doctor who learns that even though he has asked all of the right medical questions, he has not fully done his job if he has not made sure that he has done as much as possible to treat the patient’s loneliness. To find her missing cell phone and get it to her. To reconnect her with her family.

Bottom Line. Isolation. Quarantining. I talked to a 60-something “bag boy” at my Country Club today. I knew he had had Covid, and I asked him how he had made out with the disease. By way of response, he without hesitation told me that the worst part was being separated from his wife. At home. Quarantining in the bedroom. NOT in an ICU bed. Not on a ventilator. But still being alone.

Hopefully this will be a positive learning experience that comes out of the pandemic. The realization of just how important our connectivity with other people actually is, and how distressing it can be when that connectivity is taken from us!

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