Check this out.You will read the story of a fork in the roads. A doctor who decides to quit a full time “job” and begin picking up locum tenens work. Taking various assignments at various locations, rather than being tied down to one position. Why?

Two reasons. First, to make more money. According to the blogging doc, one can make more money in a week of locum work than one can in a month of full time employment. Hmmm!

Second and perhaps more important to this physician, working as a locum doctor provides more freedom. More variety. Pick the place, pick the schedule, bug out if a particular assignment is not working for you.

So here is my Mindset Marketing ResearchSM litany of questions about all of this. First, what are the characteristics of a physician that chooses to “take the red pill” and work as a locum doc? Second, are locum docs less likely to “burn out” than their employed colleagues? They are in control of their lives, but…???

Bottom Line. AND. From an actionability perspective, what should pharmaceutical marketers and marketing researchers “do” with locum docs? How many are there? How are their behaviors and needs different from doctors who just “stay put?”   

I had never thought much about all of this before. I think I need to do so!


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