Lessons Learned on Covid-19s Front Lines

Check this out. What you will see is a fascinating 5-minute conversation between the head of Infectious Disease and the Epidemiologist from Montefiore and Einstein hospitals in New York. These two institutions were at the epicenter of the pandemic’s first lightning strike in the U.S. They are now producing a series of these videos to share practical knowledge that they have gained with other institutions in geographic areas now entering similar circumstances. Not treatment information per se, but organizational information.

This vignette, for example, focuses on how important communication is to manage during the pandemic. Digesting and disseminating patient treatment recommendations coming at the speed of light. Coordinating external and internal communications. Realizing that those on the front lines don’t have time to pull information, so it needs to be pushed to them. Etc.  

Bottom Line. What a great idea! Practitioners who have been through hell and back taking the time to assist the next group of their colleagues to make their journey smoother.  

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