Learning Continuity Of Care

Here is something I hadn’t really thought a lot about. According to this blogging medical student’s astute observation, medical school is a largely fractured experience. One month of intense study in one rotation, then on to the next. How does a student learn continuity of care as she flits from Oncology to Pediatrics? Good question.  

And in this post, we see a good answer. Forward-thinking medical schools like Stanford have special “Continuity Clinics” that teach medical students important skills like how to develop long term relationships with patients, how a specific mentor deals with a multitude of different medical problems with a consistent style, etc.

Bottom Line. There is a very important general point being made here. Learning to be a “good” doctor involves more than just learning clinical skills. What other soft skills need to be incorporated in medical school training? How about skills that help the budding young doctors learn to plan their careers, avoid burnout, etc.?  

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