Kara The Physician Wellness Coach

Check this out. What you will find is yet another one of a kind person we have talked about before. A physician who by her own report became “numb” practicing medicine. All of her emotions went flat. No joy, no pain, no anxiety. Just nothingness. And what did she do about that state of affairs? Like other physicians we have discussed, she left clinical practice and became a “Physician Wellness Coach.” 

In this role, she claims to be “at the cutting edge of dealing with physician burnout.” More specifically, in 50-minute one-on-one sessions, she helps doctors deal with “burnout, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, workflow and efficiency, work-life balance, career transition, exhaustion, loneliness, relationships, etc.”

Bottom Line. As I wandered around Kara’s website, I was wondering…

I looked at the “career transition” coaching offering in her repertoire, and I was curious as to whether she is trying to convince other physicians to bail out on medicine like she did.  

And I also wondered…how helpful are these wellness coaches? To what extent can they actually improve the lives of physicians who, if they remain in the practice of medicine, will have to keep going into an environment that systematically wears them down?

I am guessing that somebody ought to study that!

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