Just Keep Piling It On!!!

Check this out. While you will see is a sobering, if not surprising, comment on what is happening to medical residents as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Residency has never exactly been a piece of cake, with guidelines in the U.S. being required to limit the doctors-in-training to a “mere” 80 hour a week workload under the best of circumstances. But now they are often being expected to treat corona virus patients for most of their waking hours, and often to cover for their mentors who are conveniently distancing themselves from infected patients.

Absence of personal protection equipment, lack of overtime or hazardous duty pay, and concerns about taking the infection home to family members results in a level of stress that is not surprisingly yielding significantly increased levels of anxiety and depression for the budding doctors.  

Bottom Line. What will be the long-term impact of all of this on the affected doctors’ skill levels and mental health?

Not good!

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