It’s Not Just Doctors And It’s Not Just Burnout!!!

Check this out. What you will see is a piece that starts off by reporting a death by suicide. Not of a doctor. Of a nurse. Not because of burnout. Because of bullying.

But this is not just about one case. The article also notes that nurses are 23% more likely to commit suicide than are non-nurse females. AND. Both doctors and nurses are, not surprisingly, “better” at taking a suicide to completion than are members of the lay public.

The plot thickens. A survey of 1,700 healthcare employees questioned them as to whether, if they saw an act of bullying in the workplace, they would they report it. Here’s the kicker. 10%, yes a measly 10%, said they would. Yup. 90% said they would stay silent. Various reasons for silence were offered, most of which boiled down to fear of reprisal.

Bottom Line. SO. Like the title above announces, it is not just doctors that have problems in the healthcare workplace. And bullying needs to be added to burnout as a cause of these problems. 

Think any of this might have an impact on HCP Mindset? On how doctors, nurses, etc.  treat their patients? On how willing, or even able,  they are to pay attention to our promotional messages?

I’m going with YES on all of the above!

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