It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

You are probably thinking, “Funny, that guy doesn’t even look French.” You are correct. He’s not.  

No URL to “Check out” today folks. But there are two important business principles here nonetheless.

The Mug Shot above is of Bart Weiner. Bart has just accepted the position of President at ThinkGen and will occupy that slot as of January 15th. For those who don’t know him, Bart has over 35 years of managerial experience in the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research space. During those years, he has sequentially served as President of Migliara/Kaplan, V2 and GFK US Healthcare. It is platitudinous, but true, to note that Bart has served virtually every major pharmaceutical company and worked in virtually every treatment area. 

Bottom Line. So, what is the point here? Has Vanderveer suddenly decided to use his blog to do PR for ThinkGen?

Not hardly! Here’s the first point. Horses for courses. ThinkGen’s founder, Noah Pines, is expert at conducting “high end” healthcare marketing research. He lives and breathes oncology, rare diseases and other areas where his scientific knowledge and experience make him much sought after for conducting research projects on a global basis. BUT. While working with clients 110% of the time, he can’t also focus on managing the virtual company of over 30 people that ThinkGen has become. So, Noah has elected to become CEO of TG, freeing himself up of the day to day responsibilities of running the company that will now pass on to Bart. The moral of the story here? Foci is a word but not good managerial practice. A business professional needs one Focus. Clean. Crisp. Consistent with one’s skill sets. Spreading yourself too thin can have sub-optimal results. Keep that in mind as you develop your career, your department, your company. 

And one more principle. Bart is rounding out a management team that already includes Dan Fitzgerald and myself. Quite simply, it was the three of us that years ago led GFK US Healthcare to become the biggest, best known presence in primary Pharmaceutical Marketing Research. I did the innovation and public speaking and writing gigs, Bart ran the research function and Dan ran operations. The moral of that story? When possible, do what you know works.

Want to see us do that one more time at ThinkGen? THAT will be déjà vu all over again.

Welcome Bart!

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