Is Pharma Really Still The “Bad Guy” In 2020?

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I never talk politics, and despite the picture above I am not breaking that rule with this post. Nope! I am just continuing my ongoing hypothesizing/hoping that our industry’s work on COVID vaccines and treatments will turn the tide for us in PR as virtually nothing else possibly could. In fact, in previous posts I’ve noted survey evidence that the reputations of companies called out for working on such products, as well as that of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, have already risen for this reason.

Against that backdrop, check this out. What you will see is the announcement that Trump has unleashed an ad campaign “slamming” Joe Biden as being the “Big Pharma Favorite.”

Bottom Line. Why do I find this at all interesting? Simple. I am very curious to see how attacks on “Big Pharma” play out on the way to the November election. In the pre-pandemic days, slamming a candidate by associating him with our industry was good sport and likely a reasonable thing to do. Outrageous pricing and all of that. BUT. As Americans bank on drug companies to save them from the pandemic, such an approach might well backfire. What will be reaction to pharmaceutical slamming in 2020?

We shall see!  

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