Is Gastroenterology Just Like Every Other Specialty???

Check this out. What you will see is a post that posits that trends that are occurring across healthcare can be viewed as fractal repeats of one specialty, Gastroenterology. Samesies! Wearables. Robotic surgery. Etc. True? I’m not sure, but I am fairly sure that looking for patterns like this blogging physician is doing is a good thing. Finding repeating patterns can be a great way of getting in touch with “What’s next,” and adapting accordingly.  

Bottom Line. More generally, I believe it is always instructive to turn new lenses on situations we are trying to understand. At ThinkGen, for example, we have spent the last year looking at pharmaceutical marketing challenges through the lens of Habit Marketing. Even for a guy like me, who has spent the better part of a half a century studying physician behavior, the “Habit Lens” has been full of revelations. You can experience one of these ah-hah moments by going here and listening to Noah Pines tell the story of habit marketing and share a case study. The case study, based on only 30 interviews (many of which I conducted myself), blew my mind (and the client’s!) with what new insights a researcher can garner by using a new lens.

Good stuff!

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