Integrative Psychiatry

Check this out. What you will see is a brand of psychiatry very different from the usual focus on mental disorders. Here, the focus is clearly on enhancing mental health. More specifically, “Integrative Psychiatry includes traditional psychiatric practice as well as elements of Integrative Medicine including nutrition, sleep management, lifestyle modification, and mind-body modalities such as tai chi, yoga, and mindfulness.”

Roam around the site. You will see a free mini-course designed to get you immersed in integrative psychiatry. You will see several upbeat videos featuring Dr. MacKenna. And as usual with these kinds of offerings that we have touched on before, you will see that the good doctor will be happy to meet you on a telemedicine platform.

Bottom Line. I must admit, I am finding it fascinating to see the plethora of different practice models that are emerging. Which will thrive, which will remain niche plays? Stay tuned!

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