Three Secret Rules Of Innovation


Check this out.  What you will see is a pithy MM&M article on three rules of innovation. They are all good, but I am especially in love with Rule #3. You see, I am not smart enough to be really innovative on my own. SO. I have built my career by taking ideas from other verticals, most of them far more methodologically advanced than the healthcare marketing zone where I have played for 40 years, and porting them over to my pharmaceutical clients. My German colleagues in my old GfK days taught me to describe this as “borrowing with pride.”

Now that I think about it, following Rule #3 requires special skills. First, you need to be able to recognize an idea worth borrowing. Then, you need to figure out where it can fit into our vertical. Additionally, I have always found it helpful to borrow an idea with a unique, but nottrademarked, name attached. For example, years ago I borrowed the Rapp and Collins “micromarketing” mantra and brought it to my pharmaceutical clients. I also like to have a book that embodies the idea I am borrowing, like the book pictured above. I typically distribute them by the hundreds.

Then I run a seminar to teach the new idea to the pharmaceutical industry. And then…

Bottom Line. Like I said, borrowing with pride is a lot more efficient than starting with a blank piece of paper and innovating from scratch.

BUT. You do need to know the right way to borrow with pride. I think I have figured that out!

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