Want to get really angry about the human condition in 2021? Check this out. What you will see is a qualitative study that demonstrates that physicians of color are “routinely” subjected to significant racism. In fact, it’s a trifecta. They report being discriminated against by their institutions, by their colleagues and even by their patients. About one quarter of doctors of color reported that patients had actually declined treatment due to the race of the practitioner. Good grief!

And the authors of this piece use an interesting term, “microaggressions,” to refer to such experiences. Somehow, I am reminded of the old expression, “Like being nibbled to death by ducks.”  Something that happens slowly, inexorably, painfully. 

Bottom Line. In the end, the authors not surprisingly report that all of these microaggressions have a substantial negative impact on these physicians’ reported quality of professional life.

How could they not???

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