I’m An ER Doc and I Have No Friends

We have talked about ER docs before. The strains of encountering an endless stream of unknown patients. Dealing with drug seekers. Fuming as they sew up gunshot wounds and stabbings from a night of violence. Having to decide whether or not to send a homeless man back to the freezing streets when he has no condition that would make it legitimate for him to be admitted for an overnight stay.

But check this out.What you will see is the revelation of an ER doctor concerning her relationships, or lack thereof, with her fellow physicians. Think about it. Every time she calls one of her colleagues, it is to give them, to use her appropriate terminology, “more work.” Often in the middle of the night. Worse yet, often involving patients for whom the specialist can do absolutely nothing. No wonder she has no friends.

Bottom Line. This article got me to thinking. I am thinking that physicians in virtually (?) every specialty that we deal with as pharmaceutical marketers has their own set of “issues.” Things that they need to deal with that result from how that specialty fits into the broader healthcare picture.

It also got me to thinking that it might be both interesting and informative for us to study these issues. Again, it we claim to be customer-centric, then we better well understand our customer. Our whole customer. Not just the guy or lady who prescribes our drugs, but the human being that has to go through every day as an ER doc, Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, whatever. While I am sure that each doc has an individual series of issues to deal with, I am betting that there are significant commonalities within specialty. Maybe even across specialties.  

We should find out what they are!

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