“I’ll Put My Cell Phone Away When You Put Your Computer Away!”

Picture the reactions of an HCP who is greeted with these words when she walks into an exam room to find her patient’s nose in his iPhone. Yes, she was initially horrified. But if you check this out, you will discover that what followed next was a teaching moment for HCP and patient alike. You will see that she did close her computer to interact more personally with the patient. BUT. You will also see that HCP and patient alike learned the value of the information that each of their devices brought to the clinical situation, and how they could compare “notes” and actually improve the quality of the interaction by seeing if his Google search on his condition had turned out to be correct and if her notes about his case turned out to be complete.

Bottom Line. Sort of a fascinating outcome actually. A rather clear demonstration that the mores of the digital age are changing rapidly. What used to be totally inappropriate behavior now actually makes sense.  

What next?  

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