If At First You Don’t Succeed

Aw c’mon.  Check this out.  I am really getting a lot of blog mileage out of this. I posted when the Feds tried to require LIST prices to be shown on all DTC advertisements. At the time, I called that a really stupid form of disinformation for patients, virtually none of whom would wind up paying anywhere near this amount, and many of whom might be scared away from taking medicine that they really needed.

And then, I posted when a court ruled against that regulation. I applauded.  

And now, here we go again. The Feds are once again taking a shot at requiring list prices on all DTC advertisements. 

Bottom Line. What can I say this time that I haven’t already said? Sharing LIST prices of drugs with patients is both vapid and dangerous. Hopefully, the plug will get pulled on this again.  

Watch for it!

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