I Have Been Talking With Your Doctor

Check this out. What you will see is a book, written by a fellow Psychologist, that explores physician mindset. Interestingly, there is no apparent commercial purpose to this work. It is simply a series of 50 interviews aimed at finding out what it is like to be a physician in the 20-teens. Any good? I don’t know, but the author’s description of what she asked and what she heard got my interest level high enough that I ordered a copy. It’s on the way. I will report out.

BUT. What I can report out now is that I admire Dr. Rothbaum for conducting this research. It is the kind of research my colleagues and I used to do all the time. Searching for Physician “decision styles,” “prescribing segments,” etc. It was some of the best and most useful research I have ever done. Somehow this basic research seems to have fallen into disfavor, at a time in healthcare history when it might well be the most useful. Asking physicians questions like, “Why is it difficult to be a doctor?” seems especially appropriate in this era of physician depression/burnout/suicide.

Bottom Line. Look for my colleagues at ThinkGen and I to reintroduce this kind of basic research, but with a twist. Unlike in previous iterations, which focused primarily on understanding physician prescribing, our new Mindset Marketing ResearchSM series will focus on obtaining a much broader understanding of physician perception of the kinds of issues that Dr. Rothbaum has dealt with in her book.  We fundamentally believe that making “prescribing decisions” occupies only a small part of our physician customers’ mentation processes, and that we need to get a much broader understanding of their perspectives if we are going to market to them successfully in 2018.

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