How Your Hip Replacement Can Kill You

Check out this NYT article. I don’t have too much to say about this piece. It  kind of speaks for itself. A couple of points sum up the message of the piece. First, the article points out that approximately 1 in 10 Americans have had at least one medical device inserted into their bodies. AND. I am sure that the vast majority of these patients never even thought about the safety of these devices. They just assumed that they must be safe, or they couldn’t be used. BUT. The article also shares the following quote, which is either a startling fact or an important reminder, depending upon how much you have thought about medical devices: “In fact, most high-risk devices on the market, including implants, have undergone no clinical testing at all.” That’s right!  The same Federal Government that worries that you might be harmed by believing a misleading “Lo Fat” label allows huge hunks of metal and other devices to be inserted into 1,000’s of patients’ bodies without requiring any testing. NONE! Bottom Line. The words “false sense of security” are dancing in my head. Think about the Healthcare Psychology of this. When should patients feel secure? When should they be concerned? What can they do about it if they are concerned? Tough questions!  


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