How Likely Is Covid To Kill Me If I Get It???

We have all seen the isolated pieces of information about COVID-19 and mortality. Being over 65 increases your risk of dying from the disease. So does having pre-existing conditions like hypertension (now clarified to refer only to patients whose hypertension is not controlled by medication), your race, where you live, etc. Fascinating stuff. BUT. How does it all fit together to determine the one number, the only number, that we are all interested in. How likely am I to die if I test positive for COVID?

Check this out.  What you will see is an online calculator specifically designed to answer this one life or death question.  

Bottom Line. Interesting. Not sure what one does with the resulting information. Determine how assiduous you are going to be in social distancing? Decide whether it is time to (re)write your will?

Try out this calculator if you have the nerve! And think about the implications!!!

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