How Do You Get People Of Color To Get Vaccinated???

Check this out. What you will see is a Tweet from a Black resident physician who had just left a barbershop. While there, he heard other patrons warning each other not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Why? Among other reasons, the concern was expressed that included with the vaccine would be “trackers” that would let the recipient be followed. Ironically, the night before I had been having a conversation with a Cardiologist, as part of my “On Doctors’ MindsSM” project, in which he mentioned that some of his patients had expressed that same concern. As noted in this Tweet, there was a palpable irony in the fact that most if not all of the patrons had cell phones on their person that permit exactly that tracking capacity.

Bottom Line. SO. How do you get around concerns like this and get people who hold such beliefs, of color or otherwise, to get vaccinated? Hint! Talking science probably won’t work. Rather, you need to get people with “street cred” to do the reassuring. In several studies we have conducted over the years, pastors and barbers often wind up being seen as credible sources. We may need to communicate through them. 

What will work here???

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