How Do Surgeons Learn???

Check this out. What you will see is a fascinating piece by a surgeon. In it, he suggests that much of becoming a successful surgeon is about “feeling the musicality.” Learning the rhythm of the surgical theater. Surfing, playing the guitar, ice skating, sailing and yes surgery are all about getting the brain out of the process and going with the flow. 

Here on Hilton Head Island, SC, we are fortunate enough to have a world-class spine surgeon. I can personalize that “fortunate enough” statement because several years ago he operated on my wife with an excellent outcome. One of the more fascinating reports I got of the surgical experience was the meat locker-like temperature at which he insisted the operating room be maintained, with music at full blast. Four and a half hours of that. No way Dr. Rubin’s mind could have worked miracles for that long. He was clearly going with the flow.

Bottom Line. Those of you who know my work and the work of my colleagues at ThinkGen know a lot of it focuses on Habit. Much of our work centers around the realization that usually when we speak of “treatment decisions,” we should really be talking about “treatment habits.” 

Dr. Sant’s post on feeling the musicality of surgery just added another dimension of color to this realization!

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