How Do Marketers Bring Value To The HCP???

Go here and watch the video. The founder of Elevate Healthcare, pictured above, argues that if HCP’s are going to give us their time, we need to bring them genuine value. AND. She recommends that the best way to do so is to find areas of “intersection” between the needs of the HCP and the capabilities of the healthcare company. But how?

Bottom Line. ThinkGen’s work in Habit EngineeringSM can provide us with some important guidance here. More specifically, habits grow more embedded by having the customer make “Investments” in a brand. Investments are things that make it easier to use the product and harder for a new competitor to take the customer away.  

SO. We need to look for forms of assistance we can provide to the HCP that meets some of her needs for greater practice quality and efficiency while meeting our needs to have the doctor become more invested in using the product. Lorna Weir suggests getting the doctor to “lean” on your patient educational materials as a good way to do this. Makes sense. What else?

Put your thinking caps on!

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