Hospital Warrior-Take II

You may remember the “Hospital Warrior” post from a few weeks ago, in which we discussed the importance of having somebody to go to bat to make sure that you get good hospital care, delivered on time, when you need it. 

Today I spent some more time looking around in the Hospital Warrior site and came up with this. Rather than focusing on having someone else be your advocate when you are down and out, this piece focuses on how to organize information when you are newly diagnosed with a serious and chronic disease, in this case MS, so that you can be your own best advocate. In this regard, issues such as how to start with getting an understanding of your diagnosis, identifying your needs, establishing your goals, learning to speak up and recruiting help as necessary are all covered in this handy-dandy guidebook. 

Bottom Line. The common theme here? Preparation! From diagnosis through crisis, it is imperative for a patient, and/or for a patient-advocate, to take an organized and forceful approach to gaining access to appropriate care. 

Letting the chips fall where they may is not a viable option!

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