Hey Big Spender

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Go here to review some information that will come as no surprise to any television watcher. More specifically, media audits have revealed that the pharmaceutical industry is the fourth largest spender on TV advertising. About $6.5 billion dollars over the course of the last year. Remember when it seemed that every other TV ad was for a car manufacturer? In the last twelve months, drug companies have beaten them out! And yes, this pharma-spend is growing every year.  

Bottom Line. A few posts ago, we talked about the fact that DTC drug ads for many drugs will soon be required to broadcast the list price for a month of therapy with the drug, even though this amount is seldom paid by a patient. Seems like that could be sort of negative, if not even traumatic, advertising. Will this requirement reverse the trend described above and start to shrink the amount our industry spends of TV advertising every year?

Probably not!

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