A Cardiologist Comments On The New Apple Watch

And he comments with some skepticism. Of course, he is the “Skeptical Cardiologist.” Check this out. What you will see is a physician wrestling with the best way to use “wearables” to keep track of heart health. As you will read in the link, he is far from sure that the new Apple Watch is delivering the great medical breakthroughs in heart health to which it is laying claim. In fact, he reports, the new model doesn’t even deliver on the interoperability with other wearables that he has enjoyed with previous models. AND. The doctor is understandably concerned about what will happen if the watch generates false positive arrhythmias, sending unsuspecting wearers scurrying off to ER’s.

Bottom Line. This will be interesting to watch. As usual, let me ask you to stand back for a moment and ponder where all of this goes. Who should be interested in wearing a watch that detects arrhythmias, what is the appropriate nature and level of physician involvement with the device, how should they be instructed to make use of the information, etc. 

Stay tuned!

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