Healthcare Reforms That Might Actually Work???

The guy pictured above, Bob Laszewski, blogs about healthcare policy and related political issues. In this post, he opines that only three of the Democratic candidates for president (Biden, Bloomberg and Buttigieg) have reform proposals on the table that actually might be voted into law. Warren and Sanders, he believes, have programs that are “politically unrealistic.” How, he wonders out loud, will “their paying providers Medicare rates for everything not bankrupt hospitals and doctors?”

My readers know that I don’t spend a lot of time thinking, much less talking, about politics. It sort of gives me a headache. BUT. As professionals in the healthcare marketing vertical and as just plain citizens, we need to pay special attention to the fact that health care is once again going to be a, if not the, major issue in the upcoming presidential election. Moreover, plans that are being bandied about differ widely in terms of their likely impact on patients, on our provider customers and therefore on us. Can we really depend on Bob’s perspective that the really iffy ones won’t pass in Congress to protect us?

Bottom Line. We  need to keep our eyes on this one, and to be able to discuss this issue knowledgably.  It matters!

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