Should Residents Treat Coronavirus???

Here  is a discussion that never would have occurred to me. A pro and con debate as to whether Resident Physicians should be treating coronavirus-19. Wow! Strikes me that with all of the stress that this pandemic is putting on the healthcare system, we would want all hands on deck. BUT. Arguments can be made against getting Residents involved. LIKE. Having a potentially infected patient seen by both a Resident Physician and by an Attending Physician doubles the number of professionals potentially exposed to infection. AND. There is apparently potential liability for an institution that makes stepping into harm’s way a requirement for a training program. BUT. Since the demographics of the average Resident are hardly “elderly” or “having a preexisting underlying condition,” it is clear that this discussion could blow both ways.  

Bottom Line. Admittedly, this ethical debate is relatively minor in the big scheme of things. As I sit here today watching the Dow Jones go up and down then up again, there are clearly bigger fish to fry. Like, a discussion of whether or not the U.S. should join Italy, Japan and China and mandatorily quarantine millions of people. And…

There are lot of considerations here that make for fascinating ethical dilemmas. BUT. These are also life and death decisions. Perhaps the key question here is who should be making them!

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