Risky Signatures

Check this out. What you will see is an unfortunate farce, one of many in U.S. healthcare in 2018. More specifically , you will see a blog post that points out the risk of physicians blindly “signing off” on charts of care provided to patients by PA’s and NP’s. Couple of problems here. First, all the doctor signing off is looking at is paper, not the patient. How the heck can anyone in that set of circumstances really determine if the care provided was appropriate, let alone optimal? AND. The signing off process occurs significantly after the treatment was provided. If there was an error, its effects are already in the works.

Bottom Line. Why do I call this a farce. Simple. It is hypocritical rather than Hippocratic. Remember that oath? First do no harm and all?

Here’s my problem. It is my firm belief that we need to decide whether PA’s and NP’s are capable of delivering care or not, and act accordingly. Pretending that  physicians “supervise” by signing off ex post facto does no one any good. Rather, it places the patient at risk, demeans the NP or PA and encumbers the physician with unneeded liability. 

 Not good!

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