Medicalization And Demedicalization In U.S. Healthcare

HUH? Check this out. What you will see is a brief but poignant point being made by our old friend, The Country Doctor. Here, he points out that on many fronts in U.S. healthcare, “symptoms”  that are natural parts of aging, like wrinkles and low testosterone, are increasingly being treated as if they are medical “conditions.” They are being “medicalized.”

Conversely, problems such as those of the homeless mentally ill, are being “demedicalized.” In the absence of a formal diagnosis, there will be no reimbursement and in the absence of reimbursement, there will be no care. In the “old days,” “charity hospitals” were part of the societal safety net that would catch such patients. No longer!

Bottom Line. The Country Doctor argues that neither such medicalization nor demedicalization is a good thing.

I think he is right! 

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