Healthcare IT Podcasts

I can remember when the only people that had to keep up with “new developments in IT” were the guys who fixed our computers. Not anymore. Put the word “Healthcare” in front of IT and you get a brand new ballgame that all of us in the pharmaceutical vertical need to keep track of.

Check this out. A good example of a podcast on the topic of using machine learning to “augment” physician insights. It’s a podcast, so just give it a listen. You will hear things like cloud-based computing is part of the new and bigger scale that is permitting AI to have a greater role in the treatment room. You will hear concepts like “virtual scribes” being used to permit the physician to pay more attention to the patient and less to the keyboard. Relatedly, you will also hear panel participants comment that patients might have a hard time in terms of the privacy implications of speaking into a microphone.

Bottom Line. When you are done listening to this episode, check out some of the titles of the other episodes. Fascinating topics like using AI to smooth the process of prior authorization.  

Little doubt about it. It’s now not just the computer geek that has to keep track of IT. Look for healthcare IT to play an ever-increasing role in medicine, and to become increasingly important for those of us involved in healthcare marketing to understand.  

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