The Essential Nature Of Habit

Check this out What you will see is the summary of a presentation given a few weeks ago by habit expert Nir Eyal. The point of the presentation is that as we get deeper into the future, a company that is not a “habit” is going to lose. Big time.

Making your product a habit is already a big deal, but Eyal sees the future as making habit even more of a necessity as apps proliferate and screens disappear (Hey, Alexa!).

Bottom Line. At ThinkGen, we have stopped viewing marketing challenges as being about influencing customer decisions. In 2019 and beyond, we will be working with our new Advisory Board Member,  Neale Martin, Ph.D., on getting all of our clients to focus on making the use of their product a habit. Dr. Martin literally wrote the book on habit, and has applied his expertise across verticals, including the pharmaceutical industry, for the last two decades. 

Want to get a better understanding of habit-based marketing? Go here.


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