From Neuroscience To Behavioral Science

Check this out.  What you will see is a report that marketing research giant Nielsen is adding a suite of “Behavioral Science” offerings to the menu of its neuroscience unit.  

Interesting. When you think about it, you realize that neuroscience and behavioral science approaches to marketing and marketing issues are really flip sides of the same coin. In my work on habits with Dr. Neale Martin at ThinkGen, for example, I find it extremely valuable for Neale to explain to clients the difference between the Executive Mind and the Habitual Mind, AND to explain to them that these different “minds” actually live in very different areas of the brain. 

Bottom Line. Amazing. How little attention the duality of neuroscience and behavior science have gotten in pharmaceutical marketing research through the years. However. From the number of Habit EngineeringSM projects that ThinkGen’s clients currently have us working on, I think that shortfall is in the process of changing! Rapidly!!!

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