Google Says, “No Stem Cell Ads!!!”

I must confess I have been wondering about ads for “Stem Cell Clinics.” Every day in the newspaper servicing Hilton Head Island, the same clinic has been running an advertisement. Full page, full color. Including pictures of the practitioners who work there. Two Chiropractors and an MD certified as an ER doc! Chiropractors???  

Numerous free seminars are featured. Learn all about stem cells, where they come from, the ways in which they can help virtually any ailment that might be bothering you, etc.  

So, what does this all have to do with Google? Lots!!! Google has just issued a policy refusing to run ads for any “unproven” medical treatment, including stem cell therapy. Check that news out here.

And who is that lady whose picture appears above? An unfortunate patient who was blinded by the quacks (editorial comment added) who administered stem cell therapy to her.  

Bottom Line. Good for Google! There is enough medical nonsense online that we don’t need this behemoth piling more on!!!


  • These quacky cures feed upon people’s desperation and mistrust of conventional doctors and pharma companies. My wife and I were once intrigued by another dubious treatment until a friend told us to ask the doctor what the mechanism of action is. I didn’t even bother because I knew she wouldn’t have an answer.

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