“Good Morning From Vietnam”

Older readers will recall Robin Williams’ memorable “Good morning, Vietnam” movie quote. I can still hear his enthusiastic rendition of this line as he portrayed a military radio announcer during the war. Captivating! May he rest in peace!!!

This is not that. But it IS a good morning in Vietnam. Check this out.  

What you will learn is that Vietnam, as of December 2020, had 1,465 laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 35 deaths. You will also see the stupid easy principles on which they relied to keep these numbers so laudably low. 1. Detect. 2. Contain. Period!  

It turns out that having had severe outbreaks of novel viruses in the past, the country had the experience, infrastructure and commitment to avoid it happening again. My manicurist, who was denied her annual return for a visit to her native Vietnam last year and this, has described all of this to me based on her personal experience. The URL I sent you to here does a more rigorous and thorough job of laying out the cookbook for success in pandemic control. 

Bottom Line. Thought question. Has the United States learned from COVID-19 these same kinds of lessons? You know, the ones that would keep over 500,000 Americans from dying the next time a pandemic comes knocking on our door?  

Sadly. I am guessing that the answer is “NO!”

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