JNJ CEO Sees Big Opportunities For His Company In Working With Amazon

Check this out. What you will see is an interview with Johnson & Johnson’s CEO Alex Gorsky. Gorsky sees a number of different ways in which Amazon could disrupt healthcare, including new models of drug distribution and reimbursement. But this is not just conjecture. Gorsky reports that JNJ and Amazon are already well along in conversations on a number of different topics at multiple organizational levels. AND. Of course it should not be ignored that JNJ already relies on Amazon as a major distributor of its consumer products.

Bottom Line. Throughout 2018, I have been gushing about how fascinated I am by the healthcare impacts possible with Amazon, let alone with the Amazon/BH/JPM troika. Throw some more heavy hitters like JNJ into the mix and things might really get interesting in 2019. 

 I’m looking forward to it!

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