From Norman Rockwell To Retail Clinics

Check this out.  As this blogging physician notes, virtually everybody will recognize this Norman Rockwell painting. Moreover, most of us will feel the same wave of nostalgia in terms of the “good old days” of medicine that it represents.

Juxtapose that with the news shared in this post that Walgreens is about to shutter 160 of its in-store, retail clinics. Why? Not profitable enough. The company is going to look for other, more profitable interactions with patients. Like partnering with Jenny Craig weight loss clinics.  

Bottom Line. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing blogs touting the rise of retail clinics. Convenient. Cost-effective. The wave of the future. Unfortunately, studies have revealed that the clinics don’t really result in much cost saving for patients, since much of the care being delivered there would not have been sought had the clinic not been available. AND. They don’t make their sponsors much money either. SO. Maybe they will disappear.  

Unlikely that we will see the return of the warmth of care shown in the Rockwell painting, but I agree with this blogger that a move away from “retail” medicine is not a bad thing for healthcare.  

Not a bad thing at all!

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