Frankly, I Don’t Care What Your Cardiologist Says!!!

Check this out.  What you will see is a riff by a Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist on “stuff” he doesn’t want to hear from a patient prior to surgery. For example, this doctor believes that he is more than capable of evaluating a patient’s operative and postoperative “risk.”  He doesn’t need a warning, or a clearance, from your Cardiologist. Similarly, he doesn’t want your Pulmonologist’s opinion thrown into the hopper either. And God forbid you would request a specific anesthetic!!!  

As an aside, he includes a great quote about one of the key aspects of being an Anesthesiologist. Time is usually of the essence for this specialty, since they must “diagnose and treat at the same time.” 

Bottom Line. What do we learn from this riff? In the decades that I have used my Ph.D. in psychology to study physicians, I’ve noticed three important and related trends. First, physicians have become increasingly specialized, one could even say hyperspecialized, during this time period. AND. These specialized physicians have become increasingly sensitive about other specialists treading on their turf. Finally, armed with “information” drawn down from the Internet, patients attempts to direct their own medical care are increasingly fraught with risk as they attempt to enter into the specialized world described above.  

Yup, that all makes sense!

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