Flirting With Functional Medicine

Check this out. What you will see is a riff by our old friend The Country Doctor, pictured above, on the topic of functional medicine. In this post, he reveals that he is starting to integrate some of the principles of this discipline into his practice. But there’s more! Embedded in this post is a 20-minute video that clearly explains the underlying principles and practices of functional medicine. Watch it. There you will learn that rather than treating symptoms and diseases, FM deals with protecting and energizing the body’s systems and mechanisms that, when abused, lead to the negative sequelae that physicians spend their time treating. A lot of this makes a whole bunch of sense.

Bottom Line. Think about it. Functional medicine brings with it a whole different modus operandi for physicians and patients alike. No longer is the doctor’s day divided into 15-minute modules of patients presenting symptoms and doctors prescribing therapies. The doctor/patient interaction becomes much more consultative. Educational. Holistic. And yes, time consuming. As a result, functional medicine will be, for the foreseeable future, much more likely to be the stuff of concierge practices and less likely to be found in production line clinics.

What new business opportunities, and challenges, would such a shift in focus bring to our businesses?

Like I said … Think about it!

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