Fixing Medicine by Fixing the “Broken Windows”


Check this out.  What you will see is one doctor’s recommendations on how to go about fixing what is wrong with the practice of medicine in 2018. You know, things that lead to physician discontent, burnout and maybe even suicide.

Take a look at the list.  What you will see are “little things.” Like reserved parking spaces and hospitable doctors’ lounges. The disappearance of these little touches, he believes, is like the broken windows that Mayor Rudy Giuliani fixed in NY. Rudy believed that if you allow broken windows to remain unfixed in a place like Times Square, the neighborhood rapidly goes to hell in a handbasket. Crime increases, buildings become abandoned, etc.  Sounds goofy at first blush, but His Honor used this theory as the basis for reviving NYC.

Will demanding that they not be called “practitioners” and that they be provided with reserved parking spaces take physicians back to the good old days? Hey, it’s a start.

Bottom Line. Think about the list of simple fixes that this blogging physician provides. I am guessing that if all of these things were taken care of, doctors would be a lot happier than they are now. 

More generally, rethink the importance of Giuliani’s “Broken Windows” theory.  If you allow things to go a little wrong, they get a lot wrong pretty quickly. BUT. If you fix those windows, things can get a lot better with equal alacrity.

Remember that!

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