Facebook And Dry Eyes

Facebook 4 Check this out. What you will see is a success story. A story of Social Media, more specifically FB, being used by Allergan to share patient testimonial videos in support of the use of Restasis for dry eye. The brand needed to be refreshed after 13 years on the market, and was facing competition for the first time. Given that, Allergan’s decade plus reliance on one Ophthalmologist, who herself is a Restasis patient, to communicate the product’s whole marketing story through TV commercials needed to be significantly augmented. Data indicate that patient testimonial videos on FB are doing the trick. Bottom Line. This makes sense to me. Like we discussed recently with endometriosis, my impression is that many patients don’t really know if they have clinically dry eyes or not, and listening to patients’ stories can help them not only to recognize the symptoms of the condition, but also the advantages to be gained by treating it. Well done!

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