Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Check this out.  If you don’t want to commit 18 minutes to watching this video, I’ll understand. It’s okay to skip around a little here. But don’t miss the big takeaway. Elon Musk has done it again. He has established a new company that is developing a tiny wireless device that can be robot-implanted in the human brain. Once implanted, the device can conduct two-way communication with the module pictured above. AND. Once this communication bridge is established, the brain can be linked to virtually anything electronic. Artificial Intelligence, for example. Picture your mind hooked up to Watson. Heck, even a neural hookup to Siri or Alexa would revolutionize what it would mean to “think.”

Bottom Line. So why do I include a discussion of this gadget in a blog series that usually focuses on the healthcare vertical? Easy one. Just kick back and think of the implications if doctors and/or patients had their brains hooked up to all knowledge.

What we would have then, quite simply, is a new ball game in healthcare!

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